Inalazioni, Aerosol, Humage, Nebulizzazioni e tante altre cure termali convenzionate con il SSN.


Poliambulatorio privato per terapie e visite specialistiche e Centro di Terapia Fisica presso il Centro Benessere Balnea.

Thermal waters

The "divine" sulphureous waters of Salvarola, containing bromine and iodine, calcium and magnesium, are ideal for treating various diseases related to the respiratory system, the vascular system, the skin and the joints. Discover in detail all the benefits and properties of our thermal waters.


The Terme della Salvarola have a modern physiotherapy clinic, specialized in electro-medical and manual therapies, for rehabilitation and for the treatment of various problems. Discover our treatments.


At the Terme della Salvarola there is a modern clinic, specialized in cosmetic medicine and surgery treatments for every need. It is also possible to perform specialist and diagnostic visits for over 20 different medical specialties, with highly qualified personnel and the latest equipment.

Terme della Salvarola

The Terme della Salvarola are among the best natural baths of northern Italy and the most famous spas of Emilia-Romagna, thanks to their "divine" waters. They were called so by Dr. Moreali, who prescribed them to his patients as a cure for various diseases.

Immersed in the green hills of Modena, Terme della Salvarola are frequented by those who want a natural cure for various diseases of the respiratory tract, joints or skin, and for those who simply seek an escape of relaxation and well-being.

Terme della Salvarola also have a multi-functional clinic and a physiotherapy and rehabilitation center, where various problems are cured by professionals and qualified specialists. Not just spa treatments, therefore, but all-round wellbeing.

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